Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stalking... is it all bad?

so our roommate emily got asked out on this random date by this guy from UVU who apparently got stood-up by his original date for this double that he was going on with his roommate... so she was like 'yeah i'll go' and it was like 'cool'.... jk, but that is pretty much how it went down
so about an hour later we wanted to makes sure that she was ok because we didn't really know the guy so i texted her to ask if she was alright, and she didn't answer, for a long time so kate had the guys from 12 try to text her to see if she would answer them: nope, no reply.  
so we decided that this was a little sketchy and we all (kate, chelsea, jeremy, greg, and i) all got in jeremy's car to head over to brick oven (where they were eating dinner) with the excuse of buying cookies so that we could check up on her and make sure she was alive.  well, as we were getting in the car we got a text (finally) saying that she was good and alive.  well, we wanted to go to just in case so we headed over anyways... and as we were sitting down with our menus the guys went to wash their hands and from around the corner we hear emily's laugh, and were like 'crap she is totally going to see us and get mad because we are like stalking her' so we tried to inconspicuously hide behind the menus like in moves, it didn't work we were laughing so hard, but some how she managed to not see us.
then the guys come back as she is walking out the door and we send them after her (cause she didn't know that they knew that she was on a date) just to talk to her and make sure she really was ok.... it was pretty much the best experience with stalking ever...
we then sat and ate cookies because we did go into the restaurant and are now waiting for emily to come home to see if she noticed us or not... and how upset she'll be when she figures out what went down...
there will be pictures later (hopefully) 


  1. i think after she reads this post, she will definatly know you stalked her! this was soooo funny,linds...

  2. You guys are just too much fun. Will look forward to following the antics of Liberty 17. Love, Papa Fitz...

  3. Correction. That should be Lafayette 17, I confused the complex with the building. Have fun! Papa Fitz...

  4. lindsay, you crack me up. really, you do. i'm excited to keep track of you now! ♥