Wednesday, September 30, 2009


so word travels fast in family circles... especially with facebook and stuff so i thought that i would fill you all in on a new part of my life.
so there is this guy, adam, and he is pretty much amazing.  well, we have been seeing a lot of each other lately and have gone on some dates.  and yesterday after devotional (we have those weekly here at byu) we were talking about lots of stuff and he was like "i really enjoy spending time with you and you make me really happy, and i sort-of want to make this official. so will you be my girlfriend?" and i of course said yes.  so yeah, that is my story, the end.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Naps

So Lindsay, Chelsea, and Kate (me) have suffered from sleep deprivation over the last 3 days (or longer) So after our Sunday dinner we thought we'd take a nap together and unite in our exhaustion. We also decided to do it on Emily's bed since her presence was absent. It didn't go over very well. I'm still tired.

But we took pictures :)
"I like to sleep with one eye open. Except they both were" ChelseaMaybe we'll do better next week...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rise and Shout!!!

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(give or take...)
Colorado State- BOOM BABAY!

Loyal Cougars!

Greg is true blue!

Can you find Emily??

Friday, September 25, 2009

i had an interview

today as part of my application into the English Education major.  and i was kind-of really stressing about it because i also had a test and a paper due today, and my three normal classes... needless to say i was going in like five different directions this morning.  but i made it through two classes and my test and turned in my paper and then headed to my last class, which is supposed to end like 15 minuets before my interview but my professor lets us know that she'll have to leave early, so i have more time to prepare mentally for the interview...
this was both a blessing and a curse, i had half and hour to run every scenario of what could go wrong in my head, and believe me i did.  but eventually i had just a few minutes left so i said a quick prayer and walked over to the room where it was to take place
as soon as i walk in the door i was overcome by a calm and wasn't worried about what was going to happen...
and then we start talking and the first thing we talk about doesn't really have anything to do with english or education... Dr. Crowe (my interviewer) asked me where i was from and as soon as he heard that my dad was military he immediately knew which application was mine and asked where all i had lived.  when he heard japan he said that he had lived there too at some point and we talked about japan for a good 5 minuets and all my fears were gone...
by the time we actually started talking about english i felt like i knew a little bit about him as a person and he knew about me, and that is always a good thing when your application is up for review...  i was able to answer all of his questions and i think i did well because he said that he would give me a positive recommendation.... which is definitely good 
i'll find out if i get in by next friday, so i really hope that i do, i think that the interview is a large part of whether or not you get accepted, so i guess we'll see and if you all want to cross your fingers for me i don't think that it'll hurt.  thanks for all your support, love ya!

How old are we?

don't answer that.....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Catch a Cougar

So, since my roommates already gave you the behind the scenes look at my date last night, I thought that those of you reading this blog may want to know what happened from my perspective...maybe, maybe not...oh well, I'll tell you anyways :) So last night at like 8:00 there was a knock on our door from some guy who was looking for a girl named Amber. We said that no one by that name lived here so he left and we thought nothing more of it. Then I was like, I should probably go practice my rifle for colorguard because there is a show on Saturday and I really needed to practice so that I wouldn't mess up in a stadium full of 65,ooo crazy Cougar fans. So, at 8:30, Kate and Lindsay went outside with me because I'm self conscious practicing by myself and as I was practicing, this guy who was looking for Amber came out and was like, "So I just got stood up for a date and I go to the U of U and I'm in an LDS fraternity there. Would any of you want to go on a last minute date with me to the Brick Oven?" Kate was like, "Well, we just ate at Wendy's so I'm kinda full." And Lindsay was like, "I'm busy." And I was like, "Well, I'm free." And he was like, "Sweet, and by the way, my name is David." So, then I got in his car and we drove over to the Brick Oven. When we got there, we met up with one of his old mission buddies named Bryce, and his date. Then we walked into the banquet room and the whole thing was filled with a bunch of couples. Then David told me why he was so desperate to find a date. Supposedly, this LDS fraternity from the U of U was having a "Catch a Cougar" date night and all of the guys in this frat had to come down from Salt Lake to find a Cougar and then take them on a date to the Brick Oven. I was thinking, Oh my gosh, this is hilarious...I want to do this sometime, like go to the U of U and find a Ute and then call it "In pursuit of a cute Ute"...hahahahaha...well, maybe when I get a car or something :) So, we're on this date and I keep getting pestering phone calls and text messages from my roommates *Lindsay* asking me where I am and if I'm safe...which is probably a good thing because I mean, he is a Ute, but thats where my dad went to school, so I figured he couldn't be that bad...but anyways, I was always told that it was rude to answer phone calls or text on dates, so I kept ignoring her until like the 10th text I got, so I finally texted her back and was like, I'm still at the Brick Oven, and I haven't been abducted by aliens yet...and then she was like, we're getting cookies...and I was like, um reandom much? and then we stopped texting...So after being at the Brick Oven for like an hour and a half, David and I and Bryce and his date decided to leave and as we were leaving I saw these two guys from my ward (Greg and Jeremy...). So Iwas like, "hey, I know them...they're in my ward..." And then we did that awkward greeting thing...and it was like, I totally knew that they were there to spy on me, but I had no idea that Kate, Lindsay, and Chelsea were there too...but that made me laugh even harder when I found out...which was fairly soon after I got home from my date...but Chelsea and Lindsay still think that I have no idea that they were there, which kinda makes me laugh too...because its like I'm tricking them back or something :) Anyways, we leave the Brick Oven and David is like, "So, I went to BYU last winter semester and I want to go visit my old roommates and we can watch a movie at their place, is that cool?" And I was like, "yeah, sure...this is your thing..." So, we went over to his old apartment where I found that I grew up like ten minutes away from 2 of his old roommates, one of their other roommates was dating a girl that I knew, and the other roommate spoke Chinese...which is super, what a small world that I had a small connection to all of his old roommates. But one of them was having a study group in the living room so we couldn't watch a movie there so David was like, "Do you want to go watch a movie at the dollar theater?" And I was like, "Sure why not." And he was like, "Can you call Kate and see if she'll go with us as Bryce's date since he had to take his other date home?" So I called Kate and she agreed to come....and then we went and saw Transformers 2...and it was just as good as the last time that I saw it...and then we came home...and that was was pretty fun and a great end to an otherwise pretty boring day :)

Getting to know you

So to kick off our blog, I thought I'd give a little blurb about each member of dear old
Lafayette 17

Meghan Grange- Meghan is our sweet, friendly, domestic, and artistic roommate. She is always willing to help with anything and probably does more cleaning that all of us put together! Our kitchen is usually clean because of her! She is a great cook and is always whipping up a healthy snack or making Brittany a delicious dinner! We are all impressed by her studiousness!
Brittany Oaks- Brittany is our sporty, orange loving, food eating, spunky roommate! She's always ready and willing to play any game! But she still studies hard and is very diligent with her school work! Her laugh is infectious and we love having her fun self in our apartment!
Chelsea Campbell- Or Cha Cha as we like to call her is so sweet and always goes with the flow! She loves to play games, quote movies (she also is probably the greatest contributor to our movie options) and is always up for a good time! AND She has a marvelous French accent, just in case you were wondering...

Lindsay Blair- Lindsay is our little English major from no where :) But she is our apartment hugger and is always ready and willing to give someone a hug if they've had a bad day! She is a notorious procrastinator, but she does it well and is brilliant to boot- so she pulls it off! She also loves to play games and color- anything to avoid writting a paper really....but we like playing with her more than having her do homework, so it's all good!

Emily Fitzpatrick- Emily brings a life to our apartment parties! She is always happy and is so good about thinking of others, and is very diligent in keeping her commitments and fulfilling her callings. She is a great cooker, laugher, drawer, and loves to be spontaneous!!
Kate Erekson- Well I'm kind of the "mom" of the apartment, since I'm "sooo old!" But I absolutely LOVE living with these girls and learn so much from them and have a blast every day!! I love to quote movies, take pictures, color, and just have fun loving life!!!!!!!

Soooo there's Lafayette 17 in a nutshell (ahh!! we're in a nutshell!) So have fun keeping up with us over the next couple of months!!!

Cuz you had a bad day!

So I(Kate) was kind of having a rough day on Wednesday and I needed a little pick up, so I was going to force Emily, Lindsay, and Chelsea to do True Blue football with me just for kicks and giggles. Buuut apparently there was a REALLY long line to get in, and it was getting colder and we didn't want to walk all the way home cold and blue. SO our natural conclusion was to go to Wendy's instead- and it was way good and probably just as fun. Ok, maybe not, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Pictures from our Stalking adventure!

Our super sneaky group!

masters of disguise!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stalking... is it all bad?

so our roommate emily got asked out on this random date by this guy from UVU who apparently got stood-up by his original date for this double that he was going on with his roommate... so she was like 'yeah i'll go' and it was like 'cool'.... jk, but that is pretty much how it went down
so about an hour later we wanted to makes sure that she was ok because we didn't really know the guy so i texted her to ask if she was alright, and she didn't answer, for a long time so kate had the guys from 12 try to text her to see if she would answer them: nope, no reply.  
so we decided that this was a little sketchy and we all (kate, chelsea, jeremy, greg, and i) all got in jeremy's car to head over to brick oven (where they were eating dinner) with the excuse of buying cookies so that we could check up on her and make sure she was alive.  well, as we were getting in the car we got a text (finally) saying that she was good and alive.  well, we wanted to go to just in case so we headed over anyways... and as we were sitting down with our menus the guys went to wash their hands and from around the corner we hear emily's laugh, and were like 'crap she is totally going to see us and get mad because we are like stalking her' so we tried to inconspicuously hide behind the menus like in moves, it didn't work we were laughing so hard, but some how she managed to not see us.
then the guys come back as she is walking out the door and we send them after her (cause she didn't know that they knew that she was on a date) just to talk to her and make sure she really was ok.... it was pretty much the best experience with stalking ever...
we then sat and ate cookies because we did go into the restaurant and are now waiting for emily to come home to see if she noticed us or not... and how upset she'll be when she figures out what went down...
there will be pictures later (hopefully) 

Yay for blogging!

so kate and i decided that we needed an apartment blog because we just have so much fun... and spare time to keep it up (not really on that one)...
and we have enough pictures for like 50 blogs... it is pretty awesome
and i know that not all of my family gets to see all the pictures on facebook because they aren't friends with my friends, so this is a way to just have it all be awesome... and in a different format than facebook and such... so yeah we'll see how long we keep this up...