Thursday, September 24, 2009

Getting to know you

So to kick off our blog, I thought I'd give a little blurb about each member of dear old
Lafayette 17

Meghan Grange- Meghan is our sweet, friendly, domestic, and artistic roommate. She is always willing to help with anything and probably does more cleaning that all of us put together! Our kitchen is usually clean because of her! She is a great cook and is always whipping up a healthy snack or making Brittany a delicious dinner! We are all impressed by her studiousness!
Brittany Oaks- Brittany is our sporty, orange loving, food eating, spunky roommate! She's always ready and willing to play any game! But she still studies hard and is very diligent with her school work! Her laugh is infectious and we love having her fun self in our apartment!
Chelsea Campbell- Or Cha Cha as we like to call her is so sweet and always goes with the flow! She loves to play games, quote movies (she also is probably the greatest contributor to our movie options) and is always up for a good time! AND She has a marvelous French accent, just in case you were wondering...

Lindsay Blair- Lindsay is our little English major from no where :) But she is our apartment hugger and is always ready and willing to give someone a hug if they've had a bad day! She is a notorious procrastinator, but she does it well and is brilliant to boot- so she pulls it off! She also loves to play games and color- anything to avoid writting a paper really....but we like playing with her more than having her do homework, so it's all good!

Emily Fitzpatrick- Emily brings a life to our apartment parties! She is always happy and is so good about thinking of others, and is very diligent in keeping her commitments and fulfilling her callings. She is a great cooker, laugher, drawer, and loves to be spontaneous!!
Kate Erekson- Well I'm kind of the "mom" of the apartment, since I'm "sooo old!" But I absolutely LOVE living with these girls and learn so much from them and have a blast every day!! I love to quote movies, take pictures, color, and just have fun loving life!!!!!!!

Soooo there's Lafayette 17 in a nutshell (ahh!! we're in a nutshell!) So have fun keeping up with us over the next couple of months!!!

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