Friday, October 2, 2009

I GOT IN!!!!!!!!!

so for everyone that was wondering, i found out today that i got in to my major! i am soooooo excited about this.  it means that i can start my educations classes and don't have to worry about trying to pick out a different major. so yeah, i am so happy that i got in and stuff.  so this next semester will be crazy for me taking the beginning education classes. but it looks like i will be following the family footsteps and going into teaching... yay, and that is all....


  1. so excited for you. i know you will do great!

  2. yeah lindsay! that is super cool! how exciting. you will make such a cute, i mean, great teacher!

    p.s. i see who your loyal followers are. your favorite aunt {kate} and your second favorite aunt {jill}. i ♥ you!